Food And Beverage

 Attention to reducing the depletion of natural resources and non-renewable energy sources has led Food and Beverage corporations to drive environmentally friendly solutions throughout their operations. This includes cost reduction, minimizing waste, saving energy and optimizing processes. Coupled with tighter profit margins throughout the supply chain, producers are constantly seeking to improve efficiency and productivity in their facilities.

Solution Features

  • Modular rTool-Roto layer palletizer, or other End-Of-Arm-Tools (EOAT) from our product line handles homogeneous or multiple product SKU’s and can be mounted on gantry or articulated arm robotic systems.
  • Flexible iMOS (intelligent Mixed Order Software) communication provides dynamic Build-To-Order (BTO) pallets
  • Gantry and articulated arm robots allow fast picking and placement for building mixed store orders in single case quantity up to layer quantities
  • Vision technology identifies product and display pallet problems


  • EOAT is designed and build by Robogistics to provide stable, soft handling of most products including cases and shrink-wrapped bundles and trays.
  • Software calculates how best to unload or load each product and layer and guides the EOAT to pick and place each unit for maximum stability.
  • Ability to supply either, or in combination, gantry and articulated arm robotic solutions allows design of best fit for customer environmental situations
  • Camera and sensors can provide images according to need, for example to find a shape using pattern-matching, but if the need is for image analysis, a smart camera comes into play.



  • Increased throughput, removal of defective products/packages and improved line productivity.
  • Reduced cost and improved quality of product pallet loads 
  • Automatic daily documentation of completed orders
  • Improved accuracy of picks and order completion
  • Faster end-customer orders to store or distribution center


Example:  Beverage Producer

A national beverage producer was building a new distribution center at their current plant location and needed to build mixed pallets of product for direct ship to grocery stores. The challenge was the handling of 1,200 SKUs of various size cases.


Example:  Grocery Redistributor

A very large food industry redistributor was building a new addition to their frozen goods distribution center in Illinois. The redistributor wants to automatically handle by layers as many SKU’s as possible in this (-12 C) environment. The redistributor needs to build mixed layer pallets of various SKU products for direct shipping to grocery stores all across their network. There were several challenges with this type of order picking. The sheer variety of SKU’s to be handled and the harsh work environment just to name a few. Also, labor costs are very high for working in this type of environment. Robogistics robots are capable of handling 1,000’s of SKU’s for this effort. The benefit of the design is such that the robots can be building over 160 order pallets simultaneously while handling 1000’s of SKU’s in the process. The reduction in labor costs, product loss and order pick accuracy are what make this solution the right one for the job. 

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