Logistics today requires 3rd party logistics suppliers and distribution warehouses to be extremely organized, technology savvy, efficient and reliable to keep the supply chain running smoothly 24/7

-Solution Features

distribution centers & 3PL providers and distribution centers require state of the art automation because increased random mixed order loads require more manual labor and increased  communication  with their customers on the status of their orders.  Combining layer handling and less-than-layer case gantries, with articulated robotic arms and a supervisory system provides a completely integrated material handling system solution that addresses communication issues,  proper reporting and analytics  and scaleable software and hardware solutions.


  • Supply chain visibility

  • Ease of use

  • Reduced manual labor costs

  • More stable mixed order pallets

Basic Elements

  • Extensive data and event logging software

  • Intuitive Operator Interface (HMI)

  • Multiple gantries handle corrugated cases, polywrapped bundles and trays

  • Articulated robotic arms build mixed order pallets

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