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This Robogistics product line provides distribution and end-of-line production  plants a truly multi-functional palletizer with the ability to build by layer both bulk and case pallets at the same time, using the same EOAT. The RotoPal system allows operations to automate using the flexible technology of robotics, to build layered pallets of products as fast as conventional equipment. This innovative technology provides faster turn-around for simultaneously palletizing products from multiple production lines – resulting in more productive use of limited space and lowered overhead costs, with little change-over time and greater product handling capabilities. The resulting efficiencies, labor cost savings and quality tracking options allow faster ROI for operations that are currently using conventional or robotic palletizing equipment to palletize cases, or bulk PET or glass containers.


– A Gantry Robot with a rTool-RotoPal EOAT

– Rugged system lifts up to 500 lbs. of product, depending on robot size.

– Flexible automatic adjustable clamping tool for handling multiple size pallets and layers of product.

– Robotic flexibility provides precise control and movement of products.

– System can palletize most types of cardboard boxes, bulk products and bags.



  • Fast patent-pending product handling horizontal and vertical rotary movement guiding system delivers four to six layers per minute to the pallet depending on product and layer configuration.

  • System Controller standard Allen Bradley or similar hardware and software to provide overall system control and compatibility with most standard robot software packages for setup, operation, simulation and safety assurance.

  • Robotic software, with support products and accessories, promotes multiple pick of layers within a minimum of floor space.

  • Bar Code Scanner and/or Vision technology options to confirm case weight, upper and/or lower flap detection and accurate case size determination.

  • Product Strapping/Banding or Shrink-wrapping technology option for immediate stability of product on pallet.


  • Combination of a sweep-action product pickup with integrated robotic servo-arm for consistent and reliable product handling

  • Customer proven layer pick & place up to six layers /min @ 500 lb. layer weight capacity increases production line throughput and reduces floor space requirements

  • Consistent tight layer grids via “cradle & place” action with adjustable clamping for gentle handling of most types of products

  • State-of-the-art clean, open design for easy maintenance

  • State-of-the-art clean, open design for easy maintenance

Safe, reliable, low maintenance systems supported by 24-month warranty.

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