Case, Container 

Tray Palletizing


Combining its de-palletizing and palletizing know-how,  with state of the art End-of-Arm Tools (EOAT), the type of robotic system which Customers require for their case, tray or container palletizing and an intelligent mixed palletizing software that interacts with a customer’s ASRS/ WMS software system,ROBOGISTICS can provide a significant and fast ROI payback.



These elements provide high value for your investment dollar and include:

  •   Robotic articulated or gantry robotic system
  • Modular, universal EOAT handles extreme number of SKUs (e.g. cartons, trays, sacks, empty      pallets)
  •   Vision technology provides robust item localization and easy teach-in interface.
  •   Multiple palletizing Application software.
  •   Windows-based software controls for  real-time operations information.
  •   Integrated label applicator and barcode reader option.
  •   Flexible communication interface to WMS or other MIS software allows Build-to-Order. mixed                                  palletizing
  •   Modular shuttle-rail car system allows robot movement for “pick to pallet” or “pick to belt”.


  • Fast patent-pending product handling horizontal and

vertical rotary movement guiding system delivers four

to six layers per minute to the pallet depending on

product and layer configuration.

  • System Controller standard Allen Bradley or similar

hardware and software to provide overall system

control and compatibility with most standard robot

software packages for setup, operation, simulation

and safety assurance.

  • Robotic software, with support products and

accessories, promotes multiple pick of layers within a

minimum of floor space.

  • Bar Code Scanner and/or Vision technology

options to confirm case weight, upper and/or lower

flap detection and accurate case size determination.

  • Product Strapping/Banding or Shrink-wrapping

technology option for immediate stability of product

on pallet.


  • Manual process constraints include limited pick rate ability, physical injuries, and shortage of labor.
  • mproved pick quality as manual order picking results in high rate of pick failures.
  • Automatic documentation of orders’ fill quality.
  • Fast and cost-effective order picking provides reduction of cost per pick.
  •   Meet customer expectation — provide their order in the way they want it, when they want it.


Safe, reliable, low maintenance systems supported by 24-month warranty.

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