Centralized Built-To-Order Mixed Palletizing

system overview

Robogistics has developed a total end-of-line or distribution center packaging solution to our customer “build-to-order” requirements.

Basic Configuration

 Blackstone supervisor system software controls all aspects of the order building system, including  examining and managing customer orders, synchronizing requests for replenishment product, coordination of multiple gantry and arm robots, load balancing, and data reporting to the customer’s information system.


Key Functions

Full pallet loads of bulk products are presented to the gantry system by fork truck or infeed conveyor.
A gantry system places product in layers on the floor creating a distributed, balanced inventory.
Mixed product order pallet loads are created as each gantry robot contributes product from its portion of the live inventory to a final built-to-order centralized pallet.

ROI Justifications

Faster order-to-ship times.

Elimination of “runners” roaming the warehouse halls in search of product to build orders.

Adaptive control and management of orders eliminates double handling and inefficient product movement.

Automatic production data provides information required to analyze operations and improve efficiency.

Let’s Build Something TOGETHER.

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