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Robotic Palletizing and Depalletizing Systems

We build robotic gantry and articulating robotic arm systems for our production and distribution center customers.

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Customers ask us to help them design, manufacturer and integrate our intelligent robotic gantry systems and innovative state-of-the-art software in order to solve their material-handling and logistical solutions automation challenges.


Custom Design

Our Sales and Engineering teams work with you to define your operational needs and design the system layout which best fits your challenges

With our more than 25 years of automation experience, we have been involved in assisting customers to overcome hundreds of challenges in a dozen industries.  Because of this, we can tell you about what other companies are doing about the changing environment and help you see “outside the box” of possibilities.

Sales Know-how

Our Sales team has the experience – not just in years, but in knowing what other similar companies have  done to resolve their automation challenges.

We work together as a team to listen to your specific problems and so, other disciplines within our company can look at your operations from totally different perspectives to arrive at a better solution for customers


We provide a wide range of material handling solutions , including:

  • Gantry Systems
  • Articulated Robotic Arms
  • End-Of-Arm Tools
  • Integration of ancillary equipment like conveyance systems, stretch wrappers and pallet dispensers.

Logistics Strategy

We deliver total material handling and distribution center solutions to allow customers to operate “ahead of the curve” in logistics chain management.

Intelligent Software

As retailers demand a wider variety of packing configuration, and, as shorter production runs and faster to-shelf strategies are being sought, Robogistics provides “Built-To-Order” controls software that interacts with your ASRS/WMS systems.


Unlike many robotic system suppliers, we set industry standards by designing, manufacturing and integrating our own unique systems and platform-based software solutions.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big CHALLENGES

Robogistics designs, manufactures and integrates logistical material handling systems, including gantry and articulated robotic solutions for distribution centers, end-of-production lines or for intra-company operations centers interested in Build-to-Order results.

Why We Are Different


Combining 150 years of designing, machining, manufacturing robotic gantry material-handling know-how with its  End-of-Arm Tools (EOAT), and smart Controls System Software (CSS), Robogistics delivers the electro-mechanical robotic system which Customers require and an intelligent mixed load software that interacts with your AS/RS or WMS software system,  to provide a significant, fast ROI payback.

Our Skills

Sales:  Listening to understand our customers’ challenges, specifications and objectives.

Engineering Team:  Designing the most effective and efficient system to meet customer specifications.

Manufacturing Team:  Producing high-quality systems which meet customer specifications.

Customer Service Support:  Providing responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable support and training to our customers.

Let’s Build Something TOGETHER.

We here at Robogistics would love to get together and see what we can do about your Palletizing and Depalletizing needs.

3451 57th St, Port Arthur, TX 77642
+1 (409) 210-1702