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What Can Robogistics Do For My Company?

Robogistics works with a variety of industries to help them with the concept, design, manufacturing, and integration of our intelligent robotic gantry automation and innovative state-of-the-art software technology in order to solve their material-handling and logistical automation challenges.


Overall average for factory acceptance test (FAT) & site acceptance test (SAT).


One of the top 10 manufacturing gantry robotic companies in the world.


Reaching Goals

  • Surpassed sales goals

  • 50 + people strong

  • Multiple Locations 


Standard Pattern Design

Our Sales and Engineering teams work with you to define your operational needs and design the system layout that best fits your challenges.

Logistics Strategy

We deliver total material handling and distribution center solutions to allow customers to operate "ahead of the curve" in logistics chain management.


Our Sales team has the experience - not just in years, but in knowing what other similar companies have done to resolve their automation challenges.

Custom Design

As retailers demand a wider variety of packing configuration, and as shorter production runs and faster to-shelf strategies are being sought, Robogistics provides "iA Built-To-Order" controls software that interacts with your ASRS/WMS systems.

Automation Solutions

We offer wide range of material handling solutions:

  • Gantry Robotic Systems

  • Articulated Robots

  • Tailored End-Of-Arm Tools

  • Proprietary Supervisory Controls

  • Ancillary equipment integration


Unlike other robotic system suppliers, Robogistics sets industry standards by conceptualizing, designing,
manufacturing, integrating, and servicing our unique automated robotic systems and platform based in-
house software solutions.

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