“As a designer and manufacturer of robotic automation systems, it is not the product itself that is the focus of our efforts, but listening to deeply understand our customers’ operational challenges and design and build equipment which meets their specifications and resolve their issues.”.

Salh F. Wyatt-Khan, President & CEO, Robogistics LLC

Robogistics’ management team has worked in the robotic gantry and articulated arm automation business for over 25 years to provide support to customers world-wide.   This level of know-how and experience makes us a leading manufacturer and integrator of robotic material-handling systems, control software, and manufacturing automation.

We help customers improve product quality, eliminate production errors, and lower manufacturing costs through providing high-quality robotic material handling technology products at an affordable price.

We serve an international customer base from our Port Arthur, Texas location and through a global network of integration and distribution partners.

Typical applications for our systems include beginning and end-of-production line product palletizing and Build-To-Order (BTO) mixed palletizing of products that are randomly received from conveyor or selectively picked from pallet.



Salh Wyatt-Khan

President & CEO

Mr. Wyatt Khan, a 30-year veteran of the packaging and robotic automation industry, established Robogistics with the management team in January 2019.  Prior to this position, Salh was hired by Skilled Group as the Technical Director for his previous company in 2015, was promoted to Vice President and General Manager effective January 2016 and took on the additional role of Skilled Group as the Group President in January 2017.


JC Caraway

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Mr. Caraway worked from 1996 until co-founding Robogistics as a Sales and Marketing Manager for a large robotics company . JC has been instrumental in developing extensive relationships with customers throughout the Americas and Europe.  He oversees all sales and business development functions, including key account management, customer relationship development, new product design concept, contract negotiations and marketing .


David Hayes

Vice President, Engineering

As co-founder of Robogistics, David has amassed more than 30 years in the gantry and articulated robotic industry, having held various positions in the Engineering and senior management through the years.  During his tenure at C&D and C&D Skilled Robotics, David was the lead developer of all company software platforms. He is now responsible for directing all of the engineering and production oversight activities, including mechanical, electrical, controls and software development and oversight of manufacturing manager and plant team leaders.


Larry Jewell

Manager, Customer Service & Support

In 2015, Larry became the manager of Customer Service Support at C&D Skilled Robotics. He has been in the robotics industry providing electrical, customer service and production support to global customers since 1996, and continues in that role with Robogistics. His responsibilities  include ensuring customer calls and issues for support and field service, such as upgrades and parts replacement,  are resolved in a efficient, responsive and reliable manner.

Joel Caraway 

Manager, Procurement & Operations

Joel has over 30 years’ experience in general operations management, including procurement and logistics. He has successfully negotiated multi-million-dollar contracts and focused on improving processes and procedures to improve profitability and effectiveness in all his former positions. Joel oversees procurement and manufacturing operations and supports the senior management on business development functions within his operational area


Daniel Wright

Manager of Controls Development

With his 20 years of working in the Robotics field, Daniel has brought extensive experience with a myriad of automation systems including large Gantry Robots, SCARA and Articulated Arm Robots, Conveyor Systems, and back-end data systems to Robogistics. He has experience with QNX, Rockwell, and Siemens based systems and is responsible for the newly developed Robogistics SOAL controls automation platform.

Tony Hannon

Production Manager

Mr. Hannon began his career in the automation and material handling industry working at C&D in manufacturing building gantry robots.  Through the years he  enlarged his experience in every aspect of the manufacturing process including machining, welding, fabrication, and assembly departmental with management responsibility in each of these areas and continues in this role today.

Allison Cambell 

Manager, Accounting

Allison has been in the accounting field for over 25 years, with special focus on forensic accounting, including examination into the finances of businesses.   Prior to Robogistics, she worked as a Controller for a large manufacturing firm.  Allison oversees the accounting department with an emphasis on accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger functions.