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Automated guided vehicles (AGV) are now an integral part of the digital factory. With AGVs, customers can improve their distribution center and production processes and optimize manufacturing flow. AGVs that use advanced navigation methods and that can  link with our Robogistics line of robotic solutions s through our supervisory controls system into the customers enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, are becoming an integral part of synchronized and make-to-order manufacturing.  


Pallet handling is an extremely popular application for AGVs, because repetitive movement of pallets is very common for our customers in manufacturing and distribution facilities.

AGV’s can move products in/out of warehouse racks, to/from palletizers to stretch wrapping units. The AGV’s can be used to move loads to/from the warehouse or to the outbound shipping docks. When combined with a flexible Siemens SIMOVE controls platform, managers can change their rigid manufacturing and distribution center lines into a more flexible and modular production center. Enabled by SIMOVE, the robotic system brings new capabilities and efficiencies to industries such as packaging, factory automation, food and beverage processing, and more.

Nomad Mini lift:  up to 1100lbs height 1’ foot

Nomad MD lift:  up to 2,500 lbs height:  12’ feet

Nomad HD lift:  up to 5,000 lbs height:  28’ feet


   When tied into facility automation and control systems, AGVs become integral to achieving digitalization and Smart Factory       goals. 

   AGV system includes

  • Robogistics’ AGVs are designed to work together with our robotic gantry and/or articulated arm systems.

  • An AGV component with a SIMOVE, Siemens AGV controls platform that consists of hardware and software components, as well as a library of pre-tested function blocks that simplify AGV programming.

  • Modular Front End Attachments for some models which handle a wide variety  of SKUs (e.g. cartons, trays, sacks, empty pallets, unitized loads)

  • Vision technology provides robust item localization and easy teach-in interface.

  • Multiple vehicle  application software, including PLC and PC controls for setup, operation, simulation and safety assurance.

  • Integrated label applicator and barcode reader option.

  • Modular shuttle-rail car system allows robot movement for “pick to pallet” or “pick to belt” without stopping the robots.


  • Robotics’ AGV is powered by Siemens SIMOVE technology which enhances AGV functionality by allowing the vehicles to operate in a warehouse without the need for invasive physical barriers. Our AGVs are guided by multiple, fixed reference points that are detected by a laser sensor on the top of each vehicle. Additionally, the reference points are easily scalable by simply moving reflectors to different locations as needed

  •  Laser guided AGVs offer a more innovative method of controlling AGV workflows than more traditional solutions. Compared to conveyors, AGVs are scalable and can be moved to another facility very easily.

  •  One AGV can replace another during maintenance to provide maximum availability in your daily operation.

  • With the ability to fit into tight areas, to share aisles with people and forklift traffic, and to easily adapt to future change, AGVs are an efficient, dependable, and versatile material handling solution.


  • Increased productivity with predictable and consistent functionality.

  • Reduced operational costs and hazards of forklift trucks by increasing the safety of the facility with precise and controlled movements.

  • Reduced labor cost when AGVs can move pallets and products as needed during ongoing production process flow

  • Reduced cost due to elimination of traditional conveyors and other assembly line components

  • Manual process constraints include limited pick rate ability, physical injuries, and shortage of labor.

  •  Automatic documentation of orders’ fill quality.

  •  Meet customer expectation — provide their order in the way they want it, when they want it.

  • Seamless adaptation to your current facility with no need for static barriers. With use of flexible reflective strips, AGVs can easily get to work improving the functionality of warehouses in most industries.

Safe, reliable, low maintenance systems supported by 24-month warranty.

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